How To Turn Brownie Mix Into Cake Mix?

Do you love the rich and decadent flavor of brownies but find yourself in the mood for a fluffy and moist cake instead? Well, we have good news for you!

You don’t have to run to the store to buy a cake mix when you have a box of brownie mix sitting in your pantry.

With just a few simple tweaks, you can transform your brownie mix into a delicious cake that will satisfy your cake cravings in no time.

In this article, I will guide you through the steps of turning brownie mix into cake mix, including the necessary ingredients and techniques to achieve the perfect texture and taste.

Whether you’re a novice baker or an experienced home cook, this recipe is easy to follow and will result in a moist and fluffy cake that will impress your family and friends. So, grab your apron, and let’s get started!

Can You Really Turn Brownie Mix Into Cake?

What if I told you a brownie mix cake makes a better chocolate cake than a regular chocolate cake made from scratch? Brownies are just cake mixes without leavening agents.

You can convert your fudgy brownies into a chocolate cake with just a little baking powder, oil, or butter. It is possible to turn brownie mix into cake using the same ingredients with a few tweaks.

A key element that distinguishes this recipe from other chocolate fudge cake recipes is the addition of an extra egg, which gives it a particular flavor.

Difference Between Cake and Brownie Mix

The density of brownies is much higher than that of cakes. You would be able to distinguish chocolate cake from brownie by taste alone if someone gave you a piece of chocolate cake and a bite of brownie.

A brownie has a dense and soft texture. A cake has a drier texture and is a little softer. The density of a traditional brownie does not necessarily apply to a cake made from brownie mix. Perhaps you’d prefer a lighter and fluffier version.

Our brownie mix will have to be made lighter and fluffier in some way. In other words, we need to go against the box’s instructions and figure things out on our own!

It basically means that brownies are dense as compared to cakes because of their high-fat content. Due to the lack of leavening agents, it also doesn’t rise much.

As brownies are never completely baked, they often have a rough crackled surface that sinks at times, which is not likely in cakes.

It would be necessary to make certain adjustments if you were baking a cake from a brownie mix. Those chewy brownies will soon be a thing of the past.

What Changes Do You Need To Turn Brownie Mix Into Cake Mix?

Adding baking powder, an extra egg, and reducing the amount of butter is all it takes to make a cake from brownie mix; sure, sounds easy, right? To do this, follow these steps:

Leavening Agents

Baking powder and soda are known leavening agents that produce gases, which cause cakes to rise and remain soft.

What about brownies? They’re totally the opposite, right? It is because brownie batter is devoid of leavening agents that brownies are so fudgy, gooey, and dense.

For this reason, you cannot make a good cake mix from a brownie mix without this secret ingredient.

By now, you know that baking powder is necessary to make brownie mix into a cake. You will only need one or two tablespoons of baking powder per box.


It’s the aeration of eggs and sugar that gives brownies their rise and softness. Cake batters and brownie batters both require eggs.

There is only one difference: for cake batter, you need an extra egg, since the egg whites make the cake light and fluffy, and the yolk contributes fat to the cake batter and helps it absorb dry ingredients.

It usually takes 2 eggs to make brownie mix, so to make cake, you simply add 1 more egg. When your cake is baked, the extra egg will give it more moisture and make it hold together better.

Reducing Fat

Brownies are always better when they’re fudgy and dense, aren’t they? There is a high amount of fat in this food, which is why it’s so dense.

However, cakes are very light and moist and don’t feel greasy at all. Due to its low-fat content, it has a very low-calorie count.

We just need to reduce the fat or replace some portions of the buttermilk in the brownie mix to make it into cake. For instance, if your brownie mix calls for 1/2 cup of butter or oil, use only 1/3 cup.

I recommend that you stick with melted butter for the added flavor in this cake recipe. You can easily interchange oil and butter in most cake recipes, but in this case, I recommend that you use melted butter.

Baking Time

Baking time is another factor to consider when making a good cake – in addition to baking ingredients.

When it comes to brownies, we never allow them to bake completely. During cooling, brownies are completely baked. In contrast, you need to make sure that a clean skewer comes out when you make cakes.

To ensure the best results, always bake for five minutes longer than the directions on the package. Be sure to bake it for a minimum of 30 minutes, even if the instructions say to bake it for 25 minutes. The temperature must also be set to 180°C or 350°F.

Before removing from the oven, test with a skewer first. This is all you need to know! Your brownie mix box won’t be as dreary anymore after you know how to turn it into cake!

Recipe For Turning Brownie Mix Into Cake

The following ingredients are needed to make the cake:

  • This recipe calls for 1 box of brownie mix – I used Betty Crocker brownie mix. It doesn’t matter what box mix you use.
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/3 cup melted butter
  • A teaspoon of baking powder
  • A teaspoon of vanilla extract


  1. Prepare an 8-inch cake pan by buttering the base, dusting the sides with flour, and lining the base with parchment paper. Pre-heat your oven to 180°C or 350°F as well
  2. Add baking powder to the brownie mix in a medium mixing bowl. Mix well with a fork or whisk until lumps are gone. Put aside.
  3. Using a stand mixer or hand whisker on medium speed, beat three eggs until foamy for about one minute.
  4. Mix the egg mixture again, on medium speed (or by hand whisking) until well combined with the melted butter and vanilla essence, if using.
  5. To form cake batter, fold the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients (egg mixture) and fold over again until everything is combined into a smooth batter consistency. This is known as the cut-and-fold method. Using a rubber spatula, mix the batter manually.
  6. The batter should be thick but not runny if it is too thick – add hot water one tablespoon at a time until the desired consistency is reached.
  7. Place the prepared pan in the oven. Make sure the top is level.
  8. For 28 – 30 minutes, bake at 180C/350F or until a skewer inserted in the center comes out clean. Let the wire rack cool completely.

You can serve this dessert with vanilla ice cream, or a chocolate ganache and chocolate whipped cream, if you prefer.

You can absolutely use brownie mix to make delicious brownies as well as a great cake if you don’t have a boxed cake mix handy. If you’re a chocolate lover, you’re going to love this great hack.

Baker’s Tips

  • Preheating the oven and lining the cake base with butter and parchment paper is a general rule of thumb for making any cake recipe. Ensure that the cake can be easily removed from the pan after baking by doing this.
  • In order to avoid misunderstandings, follow the recipe card ingredients and do not follow the instructions on the box.
  • Use 1 tablespoon of coffee syrup (optional) instead of hot water near the end to enhance the chocolatey flavor.
  • It would be better if you used butter instead of vegetable oil in your cake.
  • Before mixing ingredients together, make sure they are all at room temperature, as this will make mixing easier.

Can Box Mixes Be Used To Make Eggless Cakes?

Yes, an eggless cake can be made, but not with this recipe. You can find more information about how to make a cake mix without eggs in my blog.

Is It Possible To Bake Two Brownie Mixes In One Pan?

The cake needs space to rise, so you cannot make it in an 8-inch or 9-inch round pan. It is certainly possible to do that in a rectangular cake pan that measures 9×13 inches.

Is It Okay To Use A Different Pan Than What The Recipe Calls For?

The cake can be made in two six-inch pans or one eight-inch or nine-inch pan. It can also be baked in a rectangular 9×13 pan.

Final Words

After you have finished the brownie cake, what will it look like, and how will it taste? There will be no difference between it and a rich chocolate cake as far as appearance and taste are concerned!

Although brownie mixes won’t produce a super light sponge cake or angel food cake, they will be far fluffier than typical brownies.

A hearty chocolate cake is such a satisfying treat, and the changes we suggested will make it much more cakey (no chewy brownie texture here!). You won’t be able to tell that you used a brownie mix, I promise!

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