How To Make Waffles In A Frying Pan?

Making waffles in a frying pan can be a convenient alternative when you can’t access a waffle maker.

With the right recipe and technique, you can still enjoy delicious waffles with that signature crispy exterior and fluffy interior.

It is similar to a waffle maker but without the heating element. A grill pan provides ridges for your waffle, making it crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  

Can You Make Waffles In A Frying Pan?

Why not make waffles in your favorite waffle batter? You can make pancakes in a regular frying pan, so why not waffles?

As waffles differ in shape and cooking method, making thin, crispy pancakes in a regular frying pan is inappropriate.

A waffle iron will make them thicker but not as wide as a crepe. Their pockets will not hold butter or syrup the way they do now.

Cast iron grill pans can form ridges instead of little pockets, even though frying pans cannot. Compared to pancakes, pan waffles have golden brown ridges that are great for holding toppings.

However, the waffle will not have a crispy exterior and a fluffy interior because you cannot form a light, crispy shell simultaneously.

If you beat the egg whites and fold them into the batter, you can give the batter a light fluffiness. This waffle will not be your typical waffle, but it will be delicious nonetheless! 

Although the waffles won’t be precisely like waffles made with a waffle iron, this is a great substitute. Why not give it a try? You can do it this way:

  1. Make your favorite waffle recipe using your favorite ingredients. A pre-prepared waffle mix is another option if you don’t like making waffles from scratch. 
  2. Sift together the dry ingredients for a smooth texture and add air to remove any lumps.
  3. Begin by preparing your wet ingredients. Make the egg whites by separating the yolks and whites and beating them.
  4. Begin mixing your waffle batter by combining wet and dry ingredients.
  5. Add beating egg whites to the batter if your recipe calls for them.
  6. Heat your grill pan to a very high temperature.
  7. To prevent your batter from sticking to your pan, oil or butter the pan. 
  8. Pour batter evenly into the waffle pan-don’t worry about making it perfect-a. The grill pan produces uneven edges on your waffles, so don’t worry about getting a perfect circle! Generally, it will have a more oval shape than a traditional Liege waffle.
  9. First, cook your waffles for three to five minutes.
  10. Afterwards, flip the waffles over and cook the other side for two minutes more. 
  11. Serve and enjoy! 

What Are The Major Differences Between Waffle Batter And Pancake Batter?

Both pancakes and waffles are tasty breakfast treats, and both are based on flour, eggs, and leavening.

It makes sense. However, that waffle batter has more fat and sugar than pancake batter, which causes the completed product to be crispier. More caramelized waffles are renowned for crunchy outsides and fluffy insides.

Generally, waffle batter is thicker than pancake batter, and for Belgian waffles (especially Liege Waffles), it is more like a dough than a flowing mixture.

Can I Make Waffles In A Sandwich Press?

Definitely! The sandwich press has texture and can cook on both sides, so your waffle will get a nice, even browning and crispy texture, just like in a waffle iron. A sandwich press also doesn’t require pesky flipping!

The square pockets normal to waffles of this shape will not be present, however. So, the syrup and butter toppings won’t spill over the edges, reducing the risk of a mess on the plate.

How Can I Keep My Cooked Waffles Warm While Cooking The Rest Of The Batch?

Turn your oven to 200°F (95°C) or its lowest setting, and store your cooked waffles inside while you finish cooking them so they stay warm.

In this way, you’ll never get a cold waffle! Keep the waffles from stacking with each other, or else they may lose their crispiness.

How Long Will It Take My Waffles To Cook?

It usually takes four to five minutes to cook waffles on one side, followed by two minutes on the other side.

In any case, the cooking time always depends on the type of equipment you have, the stove temperature, and how much batter you have added to the pan. Try making a few test waffles first to ensure your timing is accurate.

How Should I Flip The Waffles?

Flipping these waffles requires a bit more technique due to the ridges in the grill pan, but it also depends on your preferences.

By flipping your waffle, the ridges will follow the same direction on both sides, making it more attractive. Even if it doesn’t reach perfection, your waffle will taste great!

The following is my method for flipping grill pan waffles. The waffle’s side edge can be teased by teasing the corner of a spatula or flipper under the edge.

As you look at the image above, slide the spatula under the waffle.

Moving the spatula’s edge forward along the grill pan ridges will lift the waffle onto the spatula without damaging its bottom.

After flipping the waffle over the spatula, lightly press it into the pan’s ridges. Make sure you don’t press too hard. You don’t want the waffle to flatten!

When Should I Flip The Waffles?

You will know when it’s time to flip the waffle by two signs. It’s best to start by looking for the bubbles at the surface of the batter. They should be mostly burst already.

You can also check for dry edges on your waffle and still slightly wet batter only in the middle of the waffle.

When the bottom of the waffle has been set, you can use your spatula to test that it is ready to be flipped before trying. Flipping too early will result in a mess because the bottom will stick!

How Many Batters Should I Add To The Pan?

You can adjust the size according to the size of the waffle pan and how big you want your waffles! It takes me approximately 3/3 cup batter (almost a full standard kitchen ladle) to make about 6 x 7 inches long waffles.

In a grill pan, parallel ridges channel batter toward the ridges, making oval waffles rather than square ones.

If your waffles are unevenly spread, they’ll cook unevenly, so they may not be as crispy and fluffy as you would like.

Why Is It Essential To Preheat My Pan Before Cooking?

Hot pans keep food from sticking! The heat from the pan draws the moisture from the batter so that the fat you used to grease the pan can do its work.

In this way, the bottom of the waffle becomes crispy, allowing the moisture to be sealed in. The oil (and seasoning on the cast iron grill pan) keep any water in the batter from sticking to the metal surface.

When the pan is cool or lukewarm, moisture will attract the batter, and it will stick more easily. Nobody wants that!

The water sizzle test can be used to check if your pan is hot enough. Using your fingers, flick water onto the grill or frying pan.

Making waffles can be started when the small spots of water sizzle and evaporate immediately.

If My Pan Or Appliance Is Non-Stick, Do I Need To Grease It?

In any case, grease your pan, even if it’s nonstick. In Tasting Table’s judgment, you can follow the same guidelines as above, but you may want to use a lower amount of about one tablespoon!

How Can I Keep My Waffles From Sticking To The Pan?

Make sure your pan is greased or covered with butter! The easiest way is to spread the oil over the pan before it gets hot, using either a silicone brush or a paper towel.

You’ll know your pan is ready to use when the oil has a slight shimmer. When using a frying pan with a non-stick coating, such as Teflon, I don’t recommend spraying it with PAM.

In my experience, the surface gets sticky after several uses. I have had much better luck greasing the pan with traditional fats and oils. Because you’re not deep-frying waffles, you don’t need a lot of oil in the pan.

After pouring or wiping oil on the pan, I spread it with a paper towel and remove the excess. After I finish cleaning the pan, I pour another teaspoon of oil.

Why Is It Important To Let The Batter Rest Before Cooking?

Putting the batter in the fridge for about ten minutes helps the gluten expand, resulting in fluffier waffles.

While the batter rests, the baking soda uses carbon dioxide gas to raise the batter, making the waffles fluffy.

The image above illustrates the gas bubbles formed in the batter, some of which have even popped.

Therefore, rest the batter for a few minutes, but don’t let it sit too long. Two raising agents are present in most types of baking soda.

What Is The Ideal Consistency Of Waffle Batter?

You can expect regular American waffle batter to have a similar consistency to pancake batter, though perhaps a little thicker.

Lift your whisk from the bowl and test the consistency of your batter. Your batter may be too thick if it sticks to the whisk or forms clumps. However, using batter with a watery consistency is not recommended.

Liege waffle batter, especially the traditional Belgian waffle batter, has a much thicker consistency.

The batter can behave more like bread dough, and the paddles of your whisk will stick to the bowl if you place them in it.

Why Add Beaten Egg Whites To The Waffle Batter?

In waffle batter, adding beaten egg whites adds air, which helps to make the waffles fluffy as they cook. This way, the beaten eggs work with the baking powder in the recipe to raise the batter.

Why Should Wet And Dry Ingredients Be Mixed Separately Before Combining?

The dry ingredients should be mixed separately first to avoid overmixing the batter, which can result in a glutenous cake.

The batter you use to make waffles should be light and fluffy, and there shouldn’t be too much gluten in it. Too much gluten will result in dense, chewy waffles.

Also, baking powder does not produce carbon dioxide gas until wet, so the raising agent will remain helpful.

Why Is It Important To Sift My Dry Ingredients?

Mixing will become easier if you sift your dry ingredients before combining. The use of a whisk will also be helpful in this process.

In addition to removing lumps from your dry ingredients, sifting will prevent a not-so-tasty surprise when guests bite into your waffles!

Final Words

If you want to make waffles, use a heavy-bottom frying pan. It is not necessary to lubricate the skillet since the waffles don’t burn, but they will dry faster without oil.

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