How To Eat Belgian Waffles The Right Way?

Indulging in a Belgian waffle is more than just a culinary experience; it’s a delightful journey of taste and texture that transforms an ordinary breakfast into a gourmet affair.

With their crispy exteriors, fluffy interiors, and those iconic deep pockets perfect for holding toppings, Belgian waffles are a breakfast delight like no other.

But how do you eat a Belgian waffle to savor every mouthful and relish the symphony of flavors?

Simplicity is key. In order to adorn your waffle properly, use almost nothing. It is common for Belgians to order their waffles topped with a generous amount of powdered sugar and nothing else besides powdered sugar.

Try Belgian waffles like they do in Belgium if you like authentic food experiences. A little butter and confectioner’s sugar are often sprinkled on the waffles, which are often eaten as afternoon snacks in their homeland. It is also not uncommon for some to have fruit topped with chocolate sauce or cream.

The Art of Eating Waffles Like a Local in Belgium

You can gain a profound understanding of another culture by embracing its food and eating traditions when you are traveling. If you want to eat waffles in Belgium, you must do it the Belgian way – or, as they say, the Belgian way is the right way.

Be Careful What You Top With

The extra sugar in Liege waffles makes them already sweet, so there is no need to add anything else. Both can sometimes be served with whipped cream or melted chocolate (key words: “a bit”).

It’s important that the waffle doesn’t sit like a rock in your stomach shortly after eating it. You want it to be crisp and soft at the same time, and it should be light, satisfying, and warming.

Waffles become floppy when they are topped with too many moist toppings. There’s more to waffles than just shoveling them in your face.

The “real deal” can be experienced in a specific way when you visit Brussels, even if there are no exact rules.

To clarify what that means, let’s first clarify what Belgian waffles really are, since they’re not the same as Eleven’s Eggos. Light, fluffy batter is used to make Belgian waffles, which have deep square grooves.

A special waffle iron is used to shape them, and yeast is traditionally used to give them that airy texture.

The process of making Belgian waffles dates back to the Middle Ages, when street vendors sold them outside churches as street snacks.

Waffles are Belgians’ specialty. Therefore, it is important to know how to eat them correctly. Warning: there’s no whipped cream tower involved.

Note: Belgian waffles are classified into two types. There are waffles that are Brussels-style and Liège-style, which are sprinkled with pearl sugar. Both are subject to the same rules.

Don’t Use Maple Syrup

Waffles made in Brussels are rectangular, with those classic deep squares that look perfect for holding syrup lakes. But they don’t.

It’s not a good idea. It is in simplicity that Brussels waffles are authentic. This isn’t a syrupy place, folks. North American waffles are topped with maple syrup, which originally came from North America.

What Time Of Day To Eat Belgian Waffles

It’s likely that when you think about waffles, your mind immediately jumps to breakfast. Belgians, on the other hand, are different.

Often served as a desert or tea time treat when it’s long after lunch but too early for dinner, waffles are a popular choice.

While you might crave waffles at all hours, if you skip midday waffles, you’ll likely miss out on feeling like a true local.

What You Need To Avoid

If you are eating in the street, do not stand on the sidewalk. Sit down and enjoy your waffle. Choosing your treat wisely is also important.

It is more common for tourists to stop at one of those streetside stands to order a waffle buried under heaps of toppings.

Brussels will not kick anyone out for eating a pound of cherries and chocolate on a waffle. The only thing you need to know is that you are eating waffles like an American in Belgium, not like a Belgian.

Should Waffles Be Eaten Hot or Cold?

Belgians often eat cold waffles, which might surprise you. It is certainly true that waffles are best enjoyed hot, but no Belgian would ever consider eating a waffle cold.

During cooking, they are prepared so that cooling does not affect their quality or texture.

Will I Like Liege Waffles?

In America, Liege waffles are far less well known than they are in Belgium, where they are very common and very popular. There is no immediate appeal to a Liege waffle, and it isn’t as light and fluffy as a French waffle.

The chewing is more intense, and the experience is heavier. Furthermore, they contain pearl sugar, which is coarse lumps of sugar that caramelize on the surface of the waffles and are a sweet treat to eat.

Nevertheless, they are incredibly popular in Belgium, so if you wish to experience the authentic Belgian culture, you shouldn’t ignore them.

While their deep flavors and dense textures may not seem comparable, you will probably enjoy their deep flavors and dense textures.

Trying them is the only way to find out, but avoid dousing them with maple syrup or sugar.

Let the flavor wow you the way it is and trust that it will be good. It is common for Belgians to eat these waffles plain, and the caramelized sugar used in their making should be sweet enough to make them sweet enough.

What Should I Put on Belgian Waffles?

Waffles in Belgium might be the perfect way to get back to basics, depending on your preferences.

Rather than the toppings, the point of the waffle in Belgium is the waffle itself. This is not about smothering it in sugar and cream and as many other delicious treats as you can imagine.

Making a waffle is all about making a tasty, tempting, and crispy one. Rather than thinking about waffles as a way to hold toppings, consider them as a way to enjoy them.

In the end, you might as well just eat the toppings if you hide all the flavor and texture underneath other foods. Instead of piling food on top that masks the flavor of your waffles, focus on getting your recipe right.

If you want to go the traditional route with your waffle toppings, try to limit your choices. Sugar, bacon, and maple syrup are not necessary. Do not stuff too many toppings on your waffles, as they were designed for eating with your hands.

Belgian waffles can also be eaten plain, and a lot of people do this in Belgium as the batter alone is a treat. Try them with butter and confectioner’s sugar if that doesn’t appeal to you.

Alternatively, you can serve whipped cream and freshly sliced strawberries if you are a fruit lover. At the time waffles were first introduced to the American public, these were the two choices available.

Waffle batter is already sweetened, so the Belgians never add maple syrup to their waffles. When toppings are necessary, use the Brussels waffle, also known as a Belgian waffle in the United States.

Toppings aren’t necessary with the Liege waffle. There is no runny batter used in making this waffle, and it is much richer in flavor than the Brussels waffle that is more neutral in flavor.

Brussels waffles are enhanced by toppings, but Liege waffles are detracted from by toppings.

Where To Find The Best Waffles In Brussels

Waffles should be eaten in Belgium to truly experience the Belgian way of eating them. The best place to start is in Brussels.

Bozar Restaurant — If you are looking for a Michelin-starred restaurant that serves waffles with a side of fancy (or fine dining in general), this is it.

Location: Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Mokafé — Located in the King’s Gallery and open for four generations, this classic cafe has a history that dates back to the 19th century.

While it’s known for its waffles, there are plenty of other savory options available as well, such as shrimp croquettes and carbonnades flamandes.

Location: Galerie du Roi 9, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Maison Dandoy — There’s a reason why this shop is so popular. A recipe passed down from the owner’s great-great-great-grandfather is used here to make waffles.

A variety of styles are available here, including Brussels and Liège. Having the sweet smell wafting around you as you walk into the shop will also give you an opportunity to see the waffle making process in action.

Location: Various locations, with a main tea room in the center of the city at Rue Charles Buls, 14, 1000 Bruxelles

Are Belgian Waffles the Same Food in Belgium?

It is important to note that there are two types of waffles that are internationally known that are made in Belgium.

Belgian waffles and Liege waffles are two of the most famous waffles. As the Brussels waffle is the closest to the waffles eaten in America today, they are named after the places where they originated.

Typically rectangular in shape, Brussels waffles are light and crispy. Baking powder is sometimes used to speed up the process in some recipes where yeast is traditionally used. Circular molds are also used for some of them.

In contrast to a Belgian waffle made with batter, a Liege waffle is usually chewier and richer. A caramelized sugar-coating coats the golden-colored waffles, which may be round or hexagonal.

As these waffles are very sweet, they don’t require additional toppings, so they’re often eaten without them. Many people, however, choose to make them extra decadent by adding ice cream, sugar, or cream.

As a result of the Brussels waffle being brought over first, the Liege waffle is rarely seen in America.

The recipe for Brussels waffles was simplified by a Belgian man from Brussels during the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

Due to popular misconceptions, he decided to change the name of the waffle to Bel-Gem waffle to reflect Brussels’ status as Belgium’s capital.

Eventually, this became known as the Belgian waffle. It is important to distinguish between the Brussels waffle and the Liege waffle if you want to eat waffles as they do in Belgium, since they are different foods, made differently.

The Bottom Line

The only thing served on Belgian waffles is butter and confectioner’s sugar – and nothing else.

There are sometimes fruits included, such as blueberries, strawberries, bananas, or a handful of blueberries. It is generally considered a lighter meal or treat.

Belgian waffles make up an important part of the American breakfast – an entire meal. Syrup and cream are often drizzled over them when they’re served hot.

A bacon topping or a heap of fruit and sugar is sometimes served with them. There is no doubt that they are not simple foods, as they are often seen as the ultimate luxury breakfast.

In the American version of the Belgian waffle, you can have almost anything you like. Most commonly, maple syrup is used to cover the waffle, leaving pools of gold in the deep pockets.

The original dish is almost unrecognizable when it is topped with bacon and whipped cream.

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