Can You Make Pancakes In A Waffle Maker?

Ever wondered if you can use your waffle maker to cook pancakes? It might sound like an interesting idea, right?

In this article, we’ll talk about whether making pancakes in a waffle maker is something you can try and how it could be a fun twist on your usual pancake routine. Let’s dive in and find out!

If you try pouring pancake batter into a waffle maker, it’s likely to overflow the edges of the iron, burn, and create quite a mess. Additionally, the resulting pancakes may turn out flatter and too crunchy, lacking the fluffy soft center characteristic of traditional waffles.

Waffles and pancakes are made with the same batter. For a crispy waffle, there is more fat in the batter, but regular pancake batter works as well.

Waffles, on the other hand, are made by cooking batter in a waffle iron. You must cook a pancake in a pan for it to be a pancake.

In response to your question, can you make pancakes with a waffle iron? The batter for pancakes is similar to that for waffles.

I often use pancake mix in a waffle maker. Simply use your favorite pancake mix and give it a try. However, it’s important to note that not all pancake mixes turn out well when used in a waffle maker.

It becomes a waffle when it is put on a waffle iron. It is possible to make pancakes and flip them using an iron with flat griddle plates.

It’s one of the great things about waffles that they cook on both sides at once and are crispy, chewy, and fluffy. This 3-dimensional treat can be filled with butter and syrup or filled with fillings.

Very Different Batters for Very Different Cooking Methods

There is nothing more beloved than waffles and pancakes when it comes to breakfast, both of which have a special place in our hearts and kitchens.

Even though they’re lumped together, they’re very different. It can even be difficult to choose between the two.

If you really want a homemade pancake, but only have waffle mix, you might have to make do with what you have.

What is a person to do in this situation? If you’re wondering, “Can a waffle maker make pancakes?” Are pancake mixes compatible with waffle makers? Can pancake mix and waffle mix be used interchangeably? ”

What’s The Difference Between Pancakes And Waffles?

It is important to understand the difference between pancakes and waffles before we discuss whether you can make pancakes in a waffle maker.

The two may seem similar to many people. In addition to being delicious breakfast options, both can be paired with sweet and savory toppings. The ingredients are also similar.

There are, however, distinct differences between pancakes and waffles. It is easy to distinguish them based on their appearance.

In general, pancakes have a round shape with a crispy edge and a fluffy center. Waffles, on the other hand, tend to be square with deep pockets and chewy middles.

In addition to their obvious differences in appearance, here are some other differences between waffles and pancakes.


You can make waffles in a variety of shapes and sizes by making leavened batter or dough. The most common waffle shape is square, but round waffles can also be made.

The honeycomb-like indentations of these pancakes make them perfect for filling with melted butter and syrup. Their center tends to be chewy, but they’re thicker than pancakes.

It is necessary to have a hot waffle iron in order to make a waffle. You can cook your batter to crispy perfection with waffle irons that use two heated plates with patterns.

There are some people who prefer Belgian waffle makers, which make waffles with deep square pockets that are even thicker.

Waffles can be made in two ways, like with pancakes. Homemade waffle mix can be used to make your own batter, or you can purchase a pre-made mix.

Among the ingredients are eggs, butter, baking powder, sugar, flour, and vegetable oil. The batter doesn’t need to rise before cooking-it can be added directly to the waffle iron after you mix the ingredients.


Pancakes are usually thin, fluffy, and light with slightly brown edges, as anyone who has ever tried them will likely tell you.

It is common for pancakes to be round, but it is not required. Using pancake cutters allows chefs to mix things up while playing with shapes.

There are two ways to make pancakes. Many people use a delicious store-bought pancake mix, while others make their own pancakes from scratch.

Almost everyone has flour, baking powder, eggs, butter, and milk on hand, which allows them to make both versions at home.

It is possible to make pancakes with wheat flour and egg whites if you want a healthier recipe.

In addition to blueberries and chocolate chips, you can add bananas chopped up into the batter if you’re feeling indulgent. Still, you’ll get a beautiful, fluffy pancake that’s full of flavor.

Is Pancake Mix Identical to Waffle Mix?

If you only have pancake mix, but you want waffles, what should you do? Can we use our pancake mix and waffle mix interchangeably?

Unfortunately, no.

It’s not possible to mix the pancake and waffle mixes (at least not without some adjustments, which we’ll do next).

There are some similarities between waffles and pancakes in terms of ingredients. You’ll notice some differences between a pancake recipe and a waffle recipe if you closely compare them.

Waffle Mix

Sugar and fat are more prevalent in waffle batter (including saturated fat). In order to develop its characteristic brown color, the waffle needs extra sugar.

The sugar caramelizes as the iron works, resulting in a delicious waffle that is golden brown and perfect. It is the fat added to the exterior that makes it so crispy and tasty.

Additionally, waffle mix must be nice and thick to produce that ideal fluffy waffle, where pancake batter is fine if it’s runny.

Pancake Mix

Pancake mixes usually contain less sugar or no sugar at all, which is the primary difference. It is easier to spread pancake batter on a griddle or pan since it is thinner than waffle batter.

Some lumps may also occur, but they don’t affect the quality of the pancakes. The thinner the batter, the thinner the pancakes will be.  It’s best to have some lumps in your pancake batter if you want fluffy pancakes.

Do Waffles and Pancakes Taste the Same?

The fact that waffles and pancakes have almost identical ingredients might make you think they taste the same. Pancakes and waffles are two completely different things, as anyone who has eaten either knows.

There is a noticeable difference in the texture, for example. It is expected that both pancakes and waffles will be fluffy.

But pancakes are usually thin, while waffles are thick and crunchy. Waffles have a distinct texture compared to pancakes, which makes them quite different to eat.

Their recipes also require you to mix the ingredients differently, which results in a different taste.

When making pancakes, you usually mix wet and dry ingredients separately before combining them; when making waffles, the eggs are usually beaten separately.

In addition, you may also notice a significant difference in the taste depending on what toppings you add.

Can You Put Pancake Mix In A Waffle Maker?

Making pancake mix waffles is not a good idea. The only thing that stops you from putting pancake mix in a waffle iron is that you’ll probably end up with a mess. There is a thin and runny consistency to pancake batter.

In order to achieve that round shape on your stovetop or griddle, it must be of this consistency.

Pancake mix, on the other hand, will just spill over the sides of a waffle maker, creating a mess that you’ll have to clean.

How does the cooked product compare? You will be able to tell that your “waffles” are different. You won’t get the perfect golden color you’d expect from a homemade waffle.

Despite the similar shape, the texture will be different. You’ll end up with something soft and pliable instead of the crispy waffle you’re used to.

Can I Cook Waffles Like Pancakes?

Waffle mixes shouldn’t be cooked like pancakes, which is a common question. Waffles require a waffle maker to make, while pancakes are made on the stove or griddle.

Sugar and fat are added to waffle recipes as well. In order to get a good pancake, you’d need to adjust the recipe.

How to Adjust Your Recipe

In this case, what would you do if you only had pancake mix and wanted waffles or vice versa?

You can easily adjust your recipe, which is good news. Pancakes can be turned into waffles or waffles can be turned into pancakes with a few changes. I’ll show you how.

Pancakes to Waffles

The process of changing a pancake recipe is also straightforward. The sugar and fat content need to be changed again, but this time we want to add, not dilute.

The first step is to double the amount of fat in your pancake recipe. Instead of two tablespoons of butter, use four.

You should follow this step to prevent your waffles from sticking to the iron and making a mess. It is okay to use any oil in a recipe that calls for oil. A good choice is vegetable oil, but coconut oil also works well.

You will need to add 2.5 times as much sugar as your pancake recipe calls for.

After you’ve mixed your extra ingredients, then you can fire up your waffle iron and start cooking. It won’t take you long to enjoy yummy waffles!

Waffles to Pancakes

You need to keep in mind two extra ingredients in waffles when adjusting a pancake recipe: sugar and fat. Changing the sugar and fat content of pancakes will make them delicious.

Water should be added to the batter in order to accomplish this. It helps dilute the fat content of the recipe by adding extra water.

Remember not to add any oil or butter to the pan or griddle when you’re cooking pancakes. Use a non-stick cooking spray instead.

When you add water to the recipe, the sugar content is also reduced, so you can cook your pancakes on the griddle as usual. If necessary, adjust the amount of water in one or two pancakes as a test.

What Toppings Go Well with Pancakes and Waffles?

It’s all about the toppings, whether you enjoy Belgian waffles or pancakes.

You can never go wrong with maple syrup. There are times, however, when it’s fun to change things up. For a fun twist on your sweet breakfast, try one of the following syrups:

  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Buttermilk

Due to its relatively high saturated fat content, buttermilk should be consumed with caution.

Waffles and pancakes aren’t just about syrup! There is no limit to how many ingredients or toppings you can sneak in.

Toppings can be applied to these foods in a variety of ways. Adding one of these tasty toppings might be an unexpected way to spice things up:

  • Ice cream and chopped nuts
  • Berries and yogurt
  • Eggs benedict
  • Whipped Cream
  • Lemon curd

It is especially easy to make waffles with savory toppings, so don’t be afraid to try something new!

To Recap

So, can I make waffles with pancake batter? Yes.

It will be just like a pancake turned into a waffle. Making a proper waffle batter is key to getting the best results. Egg whites are whipped then folded into them, so they are usually higher in fat.

There is a difference in fat content between pancake mix and waffle mix. To prevent them from sticking, waffles usually contain a higher fat content.

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